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        3. When loading and unloading with forklift,wire rope must be used and steel wrapping tape cannot be employed directly to fetch electrode.

        4. Electrode should be stored in clean and dry place.when pilling up

        outdoors,it should be covered with rain-proof tarpaulin and the number of

        pilling layers ought not to exceed four.

        13. Electrode clamp holder must be placed between the two white guard lines clamp holder and interfaces of the electrode must be cleaned regularly to keep good touch with electrode cooling water jacket of the clamp holder should be

        tight to prevent water leakage.


        5. Electrode should be placed and dried beside the electric furnace in advance before using .the temperature should not exceed 150℃ and the time should

        not be less than 24 hours.

        6. When using electrode,special tools should be employed to cut the steel

        wrapping tape,and crane should not be adopted to avoid bursting.

        12. If the two poles of electrode are untouched or touched in overpressure

        this may cause bad effect please refer to the rared torque in the right form.

        11. Use special caliper to tight electrode according to rated torque by

        mechanical way ,hydraulic pressure or wind pressure equipments should also

        be available.


        15. In order to avoid electrode breakage put the large materials in lower part and small materials in the upper part.

        14. To avoid the electrode breakage insulating materials should not be put

        into the furnace. The working current of electrode must be comformity with

        the allowable current of electrode in the instructions.


        2. Be careful when transporting and pilling electrode with forklift and avoid of collision.one layer of goods at a time;notice the balance and alignment and

        avoid falling or breakage

        10. Lift the electrode to furnace by using hoister with resilient hanger and

        find out the center and move slowly downwards,screw and tight with hoop

        9. Use revolved resilient hanger and put soft truss pad under the electrode

        joint to avoid breakage of thread.

        8. Steel-wire ball,metallic brush or emery cloth is not allowed for cleaning

        electrode thread,but compressed air free of oil and water is available

        7. Before connecting,clean the thread of electrode first and screw the joint to other end.don’t touch the thread,and don’t put the joint directly into the

        working electrode on furnace.

        Precautions for use

        1. Graphite electrode should be covered with rain-proof tarpaulin in the

        process of transportation